Increasing digital patient engagement revolutionizes the healthcare industry

Increasing digital patient engagement revolutionizes the healthcare industry

As healthcare organizations work to keep up with the rapid pace of changes, continuing to transform has become non-negotiable.

By connecting people, resources, data and solutions, organizations can streamline operations and reduce risk while increasing operational efficiency and profitability. For this, when it comes to the Digital Transformation of a health system, it is essential to have a flexible and secure digital communications solution.

Jim Rogers, RN, Senior Director, Avaya Healthcare, said: “Personalized healthcare experiences are built on great communications and healthcare organizations must evolve with greater adoption of digital and virtual engagement to connect with patients on their terms.”

Avaya is enabling even more connected healthcare solutions through the Avaya OneCloud Experience Platform, including:

  • Flexible and rapid pandemic management solutions: Enabling administration of vaccines, contact tracing, COVID-19 testing, access to information and more.
  • Improve communication with the patient: Clients can help members of their care team communicate seamlessly so that they and their patients are more accessible. Avaya solutions assist businesses to be ready anytime and anywhere to collaborate on care, support patients and respond to emergencies by integrating communications into workflows, keeping electronic health records up-to-date and proactively communicating with patients.
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