Embratel launches interoperability solution in healthcare

Embratel launches interoperability solution in healthcare

The new solution enables the integration of multiple systems and data, facilitates access to medical history and makes information management safer, meeting the requirements of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

Embratel has announced the launch of the Embratel Saúde Interoperabilidade solution, suitable for public and private institutions that seek to solve the challenges of clinical connectivity, information integration and sharing of medical records for an integral view of healthcare.

Embratel Saúde Interoperabilidade accesses and integrates all patient data, according to the Brazilian General Data Protection Law and distributes them to points of care, using analysis to help in actions that make both healthcare and health management more efficient in Brazil. Thus, clinics and hospitals can conduct safer and optimized consultations and public management can have a broader view of the health of the population.

One of the biggest bottlenecks in the industry is the access to patient clinical information. At each new medical appointment, people need to explain their medical history again and take exams because the systems used are closed and do not allow communication between the places of attendance.

Embratel Saúde Interoperabilidade integrates information from the systems, so medical teams from different clinics and hospitals have access to a unified medical record of each person, which speeds up and makes the service safer. Each patient also has access to their data through a website developed especially for them.

According to Mário Rachid, Executive Director of Digital Solutions at Embratel, the solution allows operating systems to work together with other tools. It also provides clinical decision support with real-time monitoring of consolidated and standardized data from analytics, dashboards and data quality.

Therefore, the generated analysis supports a better experience in medical consultations and greater accuracy in medical treatments. The solution provides consent management in compliance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law so that the collection, storage and sharing of personal data are according to the law.

“Embratel is always aware of the new demands of the market and society. We launched this solution to enable and transform the digitalization of medical institutions even more with full security,” said Rachid.

Another important gap in the sector is the preventive management of public health. With a more optimized flow of information, it is possible to carry out alerts and provide indicators on the increase in sick people and types of diseases, helping to predict and create strategies that prevent outbreaks and epidemics.

In addition to providing an integrated view of information, Embratel’s new solution enables savings by reducing costs, reducing duplicated exams and treatments, optimizing the patient’s journey and contributing to a reduction in the time for the clinical outcome, since there is more predictability in the actions.

“Enabling technology ecosystems in healthcare brings great benefits to society. Embratel is working directly in this sector to assist this transformation,” said Rachid.

Embratel has a portfolio of services developed specifically for the health segment, ranging from Interoperability to telemedicine and has a team specialized in health informatics to meet the sector’s needs in several areas, including developing customized solutions. The launch of the Embratel Saúde Interoperabilidade solution reinforces its commitment to offering complete and customized digital solutions for the sector.

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