LifePoint Health and Google Cloud to transform healthcare delivery in US communities

LifePoint Health and Google Cloud to transform healthcare delivery in US communities

LifePoint Health, a diversified healthcare delivery network dedicated to Making Communities Healthier, and Google Cloud have announced a multi-year strategic partnership to transform healthcare delivery in communities across the US through LifePoint’s implementation of Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine (HDE). 

“The ability to deliver next-generation care comes from effectively combining clinical expertise with the latest technological advancements – not solely one or the other,” said David Dill, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LifePoint Health. “We are excited to combine the high-quality clinical care and scale of LifePoint’s diversified healthcare network with the innovation, agility and security of Google Cloud HDE, so we can enhance how we deliver the right care to our patients at the right time and through the right channels. This partnership is a meaningful milestone in our pursuit of advancing community-based care and we look forward to working with Google to fulfil our mission of Making Communities Healthier.”

Google Cloud’s HDE aggregates and organises data from multiple sources, including medical records, clinical trials and research data – and for LifePoint, this data is used only for the benefit of a patient’s healthcare provider.

The solution helps clinicians gain near real-time, holistic views of patient longitudinal records and provides advanced analytics and AI in a secure, compliant and scalable cloud environment. Backed by Google Cloud’s highly scalable and secure managed services that support HIPAA compliance and leverage BigQuery for robust processing, HDE will help LifePoint Health create new digital solutions and care models, interoperate with innovative third-party solutions and ensure consistent care across its facilities nationwide.

This collaboration will bring best-in-class technology to a wide range of communities outside urban areas, extending LifePoint care teams’ reach outside of the traditional four walls of the hospital. As a result, patients can receive top-quality care close to home instead of having to travel to larger cities where healthcare innovation has traditionally been concentrated. By leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, the partnership will help improve quality, increase access and ensure equitable care for patients in ZIP Codes of all sizes and demographics, across the healthcare continuum.

“LifePoint Health is fundamentally changing how healthcare is delivered at the community level,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Bringing data together from hundreds of sources and applying AI and machine learning to it will unlock the power of data to make real-time decisions—whether it is around resource utilisation, identifying high-risk patients, reducing physician burnout or other critical needs.”

Through the partnership, LifePoint and Google Cloud will seek to address significant industry challenges, including traditionally siloed data within healthcare systems, limited data interoperability for both in-person and virtual settings and access to high-quality healthcare.

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