Ordr and Sodexo create managed cybersecurity service for healthcare devices 

Ordr and Sodexo create managed cybersecurity service for healthcare devices 

Ordr, a leader in connected device security, has announced that it has partnered with  Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management to deliver a managed HTM and cybersecurity solution that combines the strengths of Ordr’s connected device security platform with Sodexo’s healthcare technology management services expertise.  

The combined solution – Sodexo Managed HTM Cybersecurity services built on the Ordr platform – delivers the people, process, and technology that healthcare technology management (HTM) teams need to mitigate risks and secure all connected healthcare devices. 

In healthcare facilities, connected devices, including Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), have transformed care delivery and are used every day by providers and staff to deliver high-quality, efficient, life-saving medical care. However, while providers depend on the ever-increasing number of connected devices to deliver care, these devices create challenges and complexity for the HTM and IT users responsible for operating and securing them. 

At scale, it can be difficult to accurately identify and classify these devices, understand their specific vulnerabilities and risks, determine whether they are available for maintenance or to locate them for patching. Without strong security protections, unprotected devices can provide an opening for attackers to breach a system or spread ransomware. Addressing security and compliance is especially challenging because these devices often run outdated operating systems and because FDA or manufacturer guidelines may preclude updates. 


“Visibility and security of medical devices is critical for healthcare organisations. HTM users need to be able to discover, profile and manage risks associated with these devices. With attacks such as ransomware increasing, it is important to be able to prioritise issues that have the highest impact when it comes to mitigating risks,” said Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr.  

“The combination of the Ordr technology with Sodexo’s expertise and deep knowledge of the healthcare environment will enable HTM teams to securely manage their connected medical devices and improve operational efficiencies.” 

The Ordr platform, with successful deployments across hundreds of leading healthcare facilities, can discover and secure everything connected – from traditional servers, workstations and PCs, to IoT, IoMT and OT devices. Ordr Clinical Defender is optimised for HTM teams to automate the discovery and inventory of medical devices, accelerate day-to-day tasks, identify and prioritise medical device vulnerabilities and drive operational efficiencies with device utilisation insights. 

“Successfully managing today’s expansive healthcare networks requires best-in-class technology that delivers real-time device, utilisation and risk insights along with guidance on how to optimise security and performance,” added JT Surgener, Senior Vice President, Technical Services, Sodexo Healthcare. “Through the Ordr and Sodexo managed services offering, organisations will gain access to a powerful, yet easy-to-use healthcare device security platform – along with leading HTM and cybersecurity services, that will help them drive to greater efficiencies and security.” 

Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) services are tailored to specific hospitals or healthcare systems. Sodexo’s services help optimise medical equipment inventory, advise on equipment replacement and purchases and provide on-site maintenance and repair. 

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