Sentry announces innovative tool to help improve compensation claim outcomes

Sentry announces innovative tool to help improve compensation claim outcomes

Sentry, a leading workers’ compensation insurer, has launched its Injured Employee Complexity Factor Models (IECF Models), which will help identify injured individuals with early factors such as chronic pain and psychosocial risks that can prolong and prevent a successful recovery.

“Studies suggest that up to 10% of all workers with injuries may experience delayed recovery,” said Greg Larson, Sentry’s AVP of Workers’ Compensation Claims. “These workers account for a disproportionate amount of workers’ comp claim costs. The earlier we can identify potential risk factors, the sooner we can advocate on an injured worker’s behalf, develop a personalised care plan and help them achieve their best post-injury life.”

According to historical data from Sentry, average claims outcomes involving early risk factors can remain open twice as long and cost employers 2.5 times more. By evaluating hundreds of data elements, the IECF Models will help claims professionals identify an injured individual with three or more risk factors.

“From the moment a claim is submitted, our goal is to provide the guidance, support and quality care that an injured worker needs through every step of their recovery,” added Jean Feldman, RN, BSN, Sentry’s Director of Managed Care. “We believe these models have the chance to create better long-term health outcomes for injured workers and lower costs for employers. What’s more, it’s the right thing to do.”

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