Digital health partnerships set to transform chronic kidney disease outcomes

Digital health partnerships set to transform chronic kidney disease outcomes

Patient learning specialists Cognitant have announced two landmark partnerships that will give patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) access to bespoke digital learning content.  

Clinicians can now easily share validated, interactive education materials from Cognitant’s Healthinote CKD library to patients via SMS (text), embedded videos and via the NHS App.  

This has been made possible following end-to-end integrations with fellow leading patient engagement and information platforms: DrDoctor and Patients Know Best.   

To provide much-needed education resources for clinicians to share with patients, Cognitant worked with Royal Berkshire NHS Trust (RBH) and others to co-create customisable learning content for the CKD community. Named ‘Kidney Essentials: CKD’, the full education content is hosted on their Healthinote platform.  

Following the DrDoctor and Patients Know Best partnerships, it’s now significantly easier and faster for clinicians to share Kidney Essentials: CKD modules with patients and their families: as part of their hospital’s regular SMS or email communication, alongside other key information shared online, and as part of their personal health record (PKB). 

The content can be accessed on a smartphone or as a print-out and has been translated into Polish, Urdu, Punjabi and Nepalese.  

Owing to Patient Know Best’s integration with the NHS App, this information is not only available on any internet-enabled device but also for patients using the NHS App in other regions (if their care provider chooses to switch the integration on for their patients).   

CKD affects more than 1.8 million people in the UK alone. The condition and the treatment options – are complex and vary significantly between individual cases.  

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