HealthTech startup Bonatra launches wearable Smart Rings for wellness 

HealthTech startup Bonatra launches wearable Smart Rings for wellness 

Bonatra, a longevity focused HealthTech company that helps people live longer, healthier lives through IOMT-enabled and doctor-led lifestyle programmes, has launched wearable Smart Rings. The Smart Rings are the second wearable device that work with the Bonatra App, along with the continuous glucose monitors. The ring monitors a range of health parametres, including heart rate, HRV, SpO2, sleep and sleep quality, body temperature and movement and steps through the day empowering users to live longer and healthier lives. 

Bonatra’s Smart Ring X1 provides valuable and accurate insights into various aspects of health by generating a sleep score, readiness score and movement index, these are in addition to metabolic score which were already generated by the CGMs. The sleep score feature employs advanced algorithms to analyse sleep stages, duration, and quality, resulting in improvements in sleep patterns and overall well-being. The readiness score provides users with a comprehensive assessment of their body’s preparedness for the day, enabling them to make informed decisions about their activities. The movement index provides an aggregate measurement of your physical activity throughout the day. 

Made from aerospace-grade titanium alloys, the Smart Ring X1 offers durability and elegance. Weighing just four grammes, this lightweight accessory is ideal for individuals leading active lifestyles. The hypoallergenic medical-grade resin ensures comfort during prolonged wear, while the IP68 rating makes the Smart Ring X1 suitable for various activities including swimming, deep diving, sailing, surfing and trekking. Bonatra offers a choice of four colours and six sizes to suit everyone’s taste. 

Rahul Kishore Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Bonatra, said: “At Bonatra, we have always believed that technology can empower people to take a step towards healthier living. Over the last year, we have consistently focused on introducing AI-based, IoMT enabled and doctor-led initiatives to guide people towards achieving their health goals. The launch of our wearable Smart Rings is a step in that direction. This wearable technology isn’t just about monitoring health parameters. It’s also about empowering individuals with actionable insights for making positive lifestyle changes.” 

Bonatra Smart Rings
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