World’s first device to target the sacroiliac joint

World’s first device to target the sacroiliac joint

Pain Relief Technology, a newcomer to the wellness industry, has unveiled the Bax-si, its flagship, eponymous device, designed to provide non-invasive pain relief for those who suffer from lower back discomfort. Their invention comes at a time when back pain relief products are seeing a surge in demand, with many adults and seniors seeking efficient, home-based solutions to their back muscle inflammation and sacroiliac joint-related issues. 

The unique selling point of the Bax-si is its focus on opening the sacroiliac joint, thus relieving pressure and discomfort in the lower back region. As per the company’s testimonials, no other device in the market today offers this unique method of offering sacroiliac joint pain relief. The Bax-si is an FSA/HSA eligible product. 

The Bax-si offers a customisable approach, with the product including two silicone gel wave heads catering to various intensity needs, allowing users to tailor treatment to suit their comfort levels. 

The device is compact and portable, coming with a travel bag, allowing users to continue their lower back pain treatment at home or on the go. The product also touts ease of use and hygienic maintenance – with a simple switch-out design – making it a convenient option for a busy lifestyle. 

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