The comprehensive DNA test empowering users to optimise health and well-being

The comprehensive DNA test empowering users to optimise health and well-being

People are enhancing their health and well-being through understanding their DNA. Bio-Synergy’s DNA test aims to support users in living a more fulfilling life by gaining insights from their genetic makeup. The testing kit offers over 300 health reports from 1,000 analysed genetic markers while offering an experience to users through a workout and meal planner aligned to the user’s DNA within a mobile app. Daniel Herman, Founder and CEO of Bio-Synergy, introduces the comprehensive DNA test that empowers clients to live better and train smarter.

What challenges are faced by those working towards their health goals?

Some common challenges include:

• Lack of knowledge: Many people may not have access to accurate and reliable information about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices that can help them achieve their health goals. This lack of knowledge can make it difficult to make informed decisions

• Motivation and discipline: Staying motivated and disciplined over an extended period can be challenging, especially when faced with setbacks or slow progress. It requires consistent effort and dedication to make sustainable changes

• Unrealistic expectations: Setting unrealistic expectations or trying to achieve rapid results can lead to frustration and disappointment. It is important to have realistic and achievable goals to maintain long-term success

• Emotional and psychological barriers: Emotional and psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety and emotional eating, can interfere with health goals. Addressing these underlying issues is crucial for overall well-being

• Confusion: Mixed messages about diet and exercise in the media, fad diets, unrealistic images/results portrayed on social media and a one-size-fits-all approach to eating and exercise

What can we learn from our genetic markers?

The Bio-Synergy DNA & Epigenetics test provides over 300 personalised reports covering diet, health, physical traits, recommended supplements as well as guidance on anti-ageing, gut health, heart health, immunity, mental well-being, muscle health and much more.
Genetic markers provide valuable information about an individual’s genetic makeup and can offer insights into their health and wellness. By analysing genetic markers, we can gain knowledge about inherited traits, predispositions to certain diseases or conditions and individual responses to different types of exercise or diets. This information can help tailor personalised health and wellness plans, allowing individuals to make informed choices based on their genetic profiles.

How does the Bio-Synergy DNA Testing experience help people adapt their everyday health and well-being?

The Bio-Synergy DNA test provides a personalised roadmap to help people adapt their everyday health and well-being by providing personalised insights based on their genetic markers. The testing process analyses specific genetic variants related to various aspects of health, such as nutrition, exercise, metabolism and more. The results are then used to create customised recommendations and actionable strategies, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and optimise their overall well-being. Within the app, we also provide over 600 recipes and 300 workouts, so we give a truly a personalised 360 solution to living your best life.

Have we seen DNA test kits used this way before?

At Bio-Synergy, we feel that we have broken new ground and that our analysis and app are game-changing as rather than just giving results, we provide a personalised action plan and interpretation of what your results mean. We also offer the ability to book a one-to-one with a qualified DNA coach to further unlock your potential. Historically, other tests have not provided this holistic approach and have even reported on things such as cancer risk (which we do not believe to be helpful) and ancestry which although fun, has no real practical benefit.

Who can you see benefitting from this experience?

To date, our kits have been used by a wide range of people including those in their later years who want to add life to their years, athletes, astronauts, parents of young athletes, those who are taking up fitness for the first time and want a plan that will work as personalised to them and those who are already into fitness but have hit a brick wall or want more information.

How did you select the technologies for both the kit and mobile app?

The Bio-Synergy DNA kit and app have been developed with a laser-like focus on providing information, actionable insights and guidance that is practical and can be adopted by anyone of any age or level of fitness to help them achieve their goals and to measure them not only through physical changes but also through changes in their biological ageing which we measure using epigenetics.
We have also taken a polygenetic approach to analysis to increase accuracy and work with globally recognised leaders in lab analysis to ensure the security and accuracy of the reports. The app itself provides a seamless experience and is user-friendly and syncs with other wearable devices to provide lifestyle analysis and even an air quality score.

How have you ensured your customer experience evolves with the latest technologies?

The Bio-Synergy app is being constantly updated and we do not charge for this, so one recent update has been the ability to book a DNA coach and to have the data from your favourite wearables/tech accessible in the app so that rather than having multiple apps open such as your smart watch, ring, water bottle etc. you can now access it all in one place.

What advancements should we expect to see in the DNA well-being space in the next few years?
We believe that it will be the integration into your grocery shopping and the creation of more personalised services.

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