New science-backed health score launched to support employee wellbeing 

New science-backed health score launched to support employee wellbeing 

The Health and Wellbeing Quotient, (HAWQ) has launched a personalised corporate wellbeing offering, proven to boost employee wellbeing, the HAWQ Score. When scores are shared 1-2-1 and group workshops on topics such as sleep, nutrition and personalised exercise programmes are delivered through the dedicated HAWQ app.
Nearly half (46%) of UK employees have reported symptoms and are seeking support from their employer. Yet, with over 32 million employees in the workforce, offering a corporate wellbeing package that meets individual needs has presented HR teams with a challenge. HAWQ’s new launch, the HAWQ Score, aims to solve this.  

The new, individualised health score will present employers with a relative representation of the wellbeing of their workforce; along with a tool kit of support to improve wellbeing, boost morale and enhance engagement. 

To obtain a HAWQ Score, employees undergo a two-part assessment. It begins with an online health evaluation covering sleep, eating, drinking, and exercise. A preliminary score, ranging from 0 to 1000, is assigned. Then, an in-person assessment offers a deeper physiological analysis. The final HAWQ Score combines five health pillars: sleep, body, movement, nutrition and mind, offering employees a comprehensive view of their health. 

Robbie Johnson, Co-founder and Managing Director of HAWQ said: “Through objectively measuring employees’ health and wellbeing and providing strategies to empower employees to improve their own health with HAWQ. Together with external experts to support with sleep, exercise, men’s/women’s health and more, our objective is to create tailored programmes that make entire businesses not just fitter but truly healthier. Our ultimate goal, is to help teams live better for longer, whilst providing a higher level of data to support the team and their leaders.”  

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