Samsung Health taps b.well Connected Health platform  

Samsung Health taps b.well Connected Health platform  

Samsung Health will use the b.well Connected Health platform to transform how consumers manage their health and engage with healthcare solutions and services. This new offering will enable Samsung Health users to create a longitudinal health record, receive proactive health insights, and conveniently access care from a growing network of trusted providers — all through a single secure application on Galaxy smartphones. 

This integration empowers Samsung Health users to consolidate a 360-degree view of their health, including clinical records and encompassing wearables, pharmacy, laboratory and insurance data including that from CMS and Veterans Affairs. For consumers, this places them in control of their data, allowing them to determine how it is shared and utilised. 

The b.well platform will also establish direct connections to participating in-person, digital, and virtual care providers, ensuring users can easily act on insights and connect to the care they need. With health data tracked on their devices, users might receive a reminder for a preventive screening, a prompt to follow up on a care plan from their physician, or a helpful reminder for someone they care for. Every recommendation is tailored to the individual’s unique health profile.  

“As one of the world’s leading electronics companies, Samsung is uniquely positioned to empower consumers with proactive insights and give them convenient access to care,” said Dr. Hon Pak, Head of the Digital Health Team at Samsung Electronics. “With b.well, we are planning to create a consumer health experience that is frictionless, connected and easy to navigate — the way healthcare should be.”  

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