Allied Digestive Health adopts Suki AI solution to improve gastroenterology work 

Allied Digestive Health adopts Suki AI solution to improve gastroenterology work 

Suki, a provider of voice Artificial Intelligence-powered healthcare solutions, announced a partnership with Allied Digestive Health (ADH), the third-largest gastroenterology organisation in the US. Comprised of over 200 gastroenterologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, ADH will become a Centre of Excellence for Suki to help set best practices on how AI can most effectively be used in the gastroenterology field. This partnership serves as a significant milestone in achieving the companies’ shared goals of providing clinicians with cutting-edge technologies to improve care and drive efficacy that lowers organisational costs. 

ADH believes in adopting innovative technologies, including using AI to completely automate its coding processes as well as to help identify potential subjects for research studies.  ADH has also invested significantly in building a best-in-class digital patient experience that includes online appointment scheduling, billing and more. The organisation plans to continue expanding its suite of AI-based solutions to elevate care, enrich provider experience, and optimise financial performance. With Suki, providers have access to an AI clinical assistant that streamlines time-consuming tasks including documentation and coding; Suki Assistant is also integrated with ADH’s EHR so it seamlessly fits into providers’ workflows.  Over time, Suki will add more capabilities, like being able to answer a wide range of questions, to further alleviate the administrative burden from clinicians. 

“ADH is committed to creating an exceptional experience for the patient and physicians.  Suki addresses the immense burnout our physicians feel from inputting data into the EHRs – Suki’s integration with our EHR makes that process seamless.  As a result, our physicians can focus their energies on patient care, in turn creating a better experience for our patients,” said Sap Sinha, Chief Operating Officer of Allied Health MSO.  

ADH was among the first organisations in the country to use Suki’s ambient note-generation capabilities and has experienced significant benefits as a result. Suki ambiently listens to a patient-clinician conversation and automatically generates suggestions for the note, helping clinicians save time so they have more bandwidth for patient care. Early results also indicate strong financial benefits due to a significant increase in encounters billed as E/M Level 4 from E/M Level 3. ADH’s revenue cycle team indicated notes created by Suki were more descriptive, supporting this higher level of coding. 

“I have been impressed with the comprehensiveness of the notes generated by Suki,” said Dr Arthur Talansky, Gastroenterologist with ADH. “It captures relevant primary care-related issues that may arise during a conversation with a patient, providing more detail and context to my documentation.” 

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