Cencora partners with WeInfuse to bolster infusion strategy 

Cencora partners with WeInfuse to bolster infusion strategy 

Cencora, a global healthcare company, has announced a strategic partnership with WeInfuse, an infusion software provider, to bolster its infusion strategies. As part of the partnership, Cencora provided funding to accelerate WeInfuse’s development of its home infusion and specialty pharmacy software capabilities.  

Cencora’s infusion strategy was launched in 2022 with the purpose of helping hospitals and health systems with site of care optimisation and alternate infusion site services – underpinning the growing importance of employing site of care strategies to prevent potential care gaps. Each phase of Cencora’s end-to-end solution aims to help health systems deploy and operate a clinically focused, sustainable infusion programme for patients.  

Now paired with WeInfuse’s software, Cencora will further help customers confidently realise the benefit of an enterprise infusion strategy. Additionally, Cencora’s ordering system is integrated into WeInfuse’s software, adding management features that track inventory and offer analytics on infusion centre operations.  

By using WeInfuse’s software, Cencora will empower its infusion provider customers to operate efficiently, decrease burnout, maximise profitability and help improve clinical outcomes. WeInfuse’s powerful, intuitive workflow features and robust reporting and analytics engine decrease confusion around the oftentimes complex infusion pharmacy process, giving operators more time to focus on patients.   

“Since the pandemic, the importance of standing up alternative infusion sites, including in the home, has grown at an unprecedented rate,” said Matt Glucksmann, SVP and President, Health Systems and Government Services at Cencora. “These programmes are oftentimes complex to manage and require the right partners to make them successful. Our partnership with WeInfuse further guarantees the success of Cencora’s infusion strategy solution by simplifying the infusion pharmacy workflow, ensuring continuity of care and optimising healthcare costs.”   

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