Fitterfly: Reimagining Diabetes Care Report 2024 

Fitterfly: Reimagining Diabetes Care Report 2024 

Fitterfly is an ISO-13485 certified digital health company specialising in digital therapies for Type 2 Diabetes.  

The report introduction states:  

“We provide lifestyle interventions in Nutrition, Fitness, Stress and Sleep Management targeted at reducing and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and weight. We do this with a combination of cutting-edge technology and personalised coaching. Our outcomes have been presented and/or published at top Diabetes and metabolic health conferences and publications globally. We launched the Annual ‘Reimagining Diabetes Care report’ in 2023 with an aim to drawing attention to the current situation and what is possible. We showcased the demographic breakdown of the people seeking help to manage their diabetes better and their outcomes after using Fitterfly’s Diabetes programs. This year, we have more members, deeper data and insights, improved features in the program, a better understanding of the possibilities to reduce the Diabetes burden in India, which are showcased in this report which covers our members in the year 2023-24.” 

Dr Mangesh Tiwaskar (MD, FRCP, FACP, FICP, FGSI, Dip. In Adv. Diabetology (Denmark), Mumbai, Past President of Association of Physicians India) explains DTx: “Digital therapeutics are now proving to be great clinical partners for doctors to provide more effective treatment plans to people with diabetes. I have personally reaped the benefits of great outcomes, while saving time to cater to more patients.”  

Dr Sanjay Kalra (Endocrinologist at Bharti Hospital, Karnal, Vice President of South Asian Federation of Endocrine societies, Past President of Endocrine Society of India) said: “Fitterfly allows me to offer comprehensive education, counseling and support, along with appropriate medication, monitoring and mentorship for my patients. It allows the patient to access information in a non-intrusive manner, as per their needs, wishes and preferences.” 

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