Artec 3D launches medical 3D scanning initiative with Handicap International  

Artec 3D launches medical 3D scanning initiative with Handicap International  

A 3D scanning hardware and software developer, Artec 3D, has partnered with Handicap International (HI), an NGO fostering Humanity and Inclusion around the world, to customise medical devices for patients in Rwanda.   

Through the humanitarian project, medical staff have been trained by Artec experts to quickly, easily measure arms, legs and torsos using the world’s first wireless 3D scanner: Artec Leo. With the resulting data, doctors plan to tailor orthotics, prosthetics and supports to patients, in a way that’s less intrusive and better meets medical needs in remote locations.   

Designing these devices digitally will also allow them to be made with 3D printing, a technology that’s cheaper to adopt than traditional machinery and more capable of rapid customisation.   

“It’s remarkable to see how Artec 3D’s partnership with HI is improving healthcare accessibility in Rwanda,” said Artec 3D CEO and President Art Yukhin. “It’s heartening to witness technology being harnessed for such impactful humanitarian endeavors. Following the success of our initial project with HI, we hope to recreate such promising experiences in other regions.”    

With training from the two Artec 3D experts flown out to help, the Rwandan team have quickly been able to begin digitising anatomies with high accuracy and precision. “After a brief training session, they could start scanning immediately,” said Jerry Klein, one of Artec 3D’s project training experts. “I saw it in their eyes; they were so impressed with how easy it was!”  

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