Ocutrx Technologies sets new standards in Augmented and Mixed Reality healthcare with over 25 patents  

Ocutrx Technologies sets new standards in Augmented and Mixed Reality healthcare with over 25 patents  

In a significant stride for Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D technology, Ocutrx Technologies has announced the allowance of its 26th patent, marking a monumental achievement in the company’s journey towards pioneering innovation in healthcare, enterprise and military applications. This latest patent underscores the relentless innovation and strategic foresight of co-founders Michael Freeman, J.D and Mitchael Freeman, COO propelling Ocutrx to the forefront of AR and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Jordan Boss, Chief Product Engineer is likewise named on all of the Ocutrx Patents for his contributions to the art-form. 

At the heart of Ocutrx’s technological advancements are the OcuLenz headset for patients and enterprise and ORLenz the AR/XR headset for surgeons, together with the OR-Bot 3D Surgical Visualisation Theatre. The OcuLenz headset represents a transformative solution for individuals suffering from Advanced Macular Degeneration (AMD), significantly enhancing their visual capabilities and quality of life. Meanwhile, the OR-Bot 3D Surgical Visualisation Theatre revolutionises surgical procedures by providing unparalleled precision and outcome improvements, demonstrating Ocutrx’s direct impact on improving healthcare and surgery.  

Daniel Henry, Senior Advisor at RSL Holdings, a company which has brokered large AR patent portfolio’s, said: “Ocutrx’s patent portfolio, potentially valued between seventy to eighty million dollars, signifies their formidable stance and commitment to enhancing efficiency and patient care through innovative challenges. Their groundbreaking patents are laying the framework for the future of AR and MR, empowering them to lead and transform technology across essential sectors.” 

Reflecting on the company’s progress, Michael Freeman, Founder, CEO, and CTO of Ocutrx Technologies, said: “To get over 25 patents since 2019 is remarkable. The rapid issuance of these patents is yet another indicator of Ocutrx’s strength in the AR/XR/MR and 3D Visualisation space as an innovator and further enhances Ocutrx leadership position in the AR industry. The 26th patent in our patent portfolio is a new milestone and a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of innovation and growing patent value for our shareholders. These patents are not merely patent coverage milestones; they are keystones for developing solutions that profoundly impact people’s lives, particularly in healthcare and surgery.” 

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