Expert Voice

Deep Dive: Mike O’Sullivan, CTO at Infinox.

26 September 2022

Battling menopause in the workplace

16 May 2022

The menopause can be a difficult time in a woman’s life. Dr Laila Kaikavoosi, Founder and Clinical Director at OMC, tells us more about it, how it affects women in the workplace and how employers can best support their female employees through this...

Government agencies can prevent cyberattacks through good cybersecurity hygiene and employee education

22 September 2021

In the post-pandemic climate, most governments have had to adapt and digitalise. However, this has led to an onslaught of cyberattacks. Wissam Saadeddine, Senior Manager – MENA at Infoblox, provides insight into how governing agencies can battle these...

Editor’s Question: What are your tips for creating a happy workplace?

16 September 2021

Latest research, The Deluge of Unhappy Workers, commissioned by Firstup, a leader in digital employee experience, and newly formed company resulting from the merger of SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal, has revealed that employees are unhappier than ever...